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Do you want to make the most of the one life God has given you?
Your life doesn’t have to fall short of your dreams. You can build the life you’re proud to live.

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A 7-Day Journey to Build Your Epic Christian Life

  • Day 1: Building Your Foundation for God’s Favor and Blessings
  • Day 2: Finding Your Purpose
  • Day 3: Getting a Vision for Your Life
  • Day 4: Setting and Reaching Your Goals
  • Day 5: 8 Attributes of an Epic Christian Life
  • Day 6: Facing Your Desert
  • Day 7: Programming Your Heart and Mind
  • Bonus Section: Creating Your Plan for Success
About The Book

Epic Christianity was written for those who don’t want to settle. It was written for the Christians who feel like God wants to do something great through their life. It was written for anyone who has ever had that thought in their head, “I was created for something… I have a purpose I need to fulfill.”


In Epic Christianity, author and life coach Jamie Mailhot will walk with you hand in hand through a proven process of self discovery and empowerment to help you build the life that you dream of living.


You will…

  • Learn How to Unleash God’s Favor and Blessings in Your Life
  • Discover Your Unique Purpose
  • Clarify Your Goals and Priorities
  • Build a Life and Plan that Focuses on What Truly Matters

Filled with personal and biblical insights and life principles, Epic Christianity is sure to open your heart and mind in a way that will cause you to never look at your life the same.


Don’t settle for a life that falls short of your dreams and your potential.


Start your 7-Day journey to build Your Epic Christian Life today!



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