You Only Have One Life... Make It Epic!

About Epic Christianity – First time Visitor Page

You are my honored guest and I'm so glad that you've taken the time to visit.

About Epic Christianity

Epic Christianity was created for people who want to...
  • Improve Their Lives
  • Find Their Purpose
  • Focus on What Matters
  • Reach Their Dreams and Goals
  • Improve Their Relationship with God
  • Make the Most of Their One Life


To me an Epic Christian life…
  • Leaves a legacy
  • Is worth sharing
  • Is worth remembering
  • It's a life that mattered
  • It's a life that made a difference
  • It's a life that had a positive impact on all those that it came in contact with
  • It's a life that accomplished its God-given purpose
  • It's a life that pursued and accomplished its greatest dreams and goals

My Goals For You

It is my goal that you will use the resources and content of Epic Christianity to...
  • Improve Your Life
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Focus on What Matters Most
  • Become Your Best You
  • Improve Your Relationship with God
Hopefully by staying focused on what is truly important in your life, you will...
  • Avoid Regrets
  • Avoid the Trap of Making a Living
  • Be Prepared to Face God One Day
  • Make the Most of Your One Life
  • Leave a Legacy Worth Following

I want your life to be successful and to be worth remembering. I want you to be "the hero" in your own epic life and story and I want to help you get there!

Where should you start?

  • Read My Book

    I believe that fulfillment doesn't come from money or possessions but from having a vision and purpose in life that you regularly take action towards accomplishing.

  • Read My Blog

    I regularly write blog posts and post videos covering topics to help you improve your life. I'm sure you will find them insightful and encouraging.

  • Listen to My Podcast

    My podcast is built as a tool help you stay focused and inspire you regularly to seek God and pursue your purpose and goals.

  • Not a Christian?

    If you're not a Christian, you should read my page called "Not a Christian?" It will explain to you a little bit about Christianity in a non-judgmental and non-condemning way.

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My Encouragement to You

Whether you read my book, my blog, or follow me on social media, I want to encourage you to take your life seriously.

God has given you the creative ability to build a great and successful life, but you will only create a life that you are happy living and are proud of if you put the effort into building it.

You should take the time to define what is important to you, then do what you can to stay focused on your priorities and take regular action towards improving yourself, building your life, and moving towards your goals.

God has given you great potential and abilities. You were created for a purpose and to be successful.

You have gifts and abilities that make you unique. Nobody can be you or fulfill your purpose. You have greatness within you. You owe it to yourself and to others who are counting on you to be your best you. You only have one life. Choose to make it great. Choose to be the hero in your life and make it Epic!